Masters Research Partners previous success and future results are predicated on our belief that talented hedge fund managers with a clearly defined, single strategy focus have the potential to achieve superior risk adjusted returns relative to long only managers and other equity investment products. 

Hedge funds have historically had a low correlation with traditional long only asset classes, which we believe can reduce risk and increase returns over a market cycle for a well allocated portfolio.  A hedge fund partnership affords the manager with more flexibility in terms of profiting from both the long and short side of the market.  This technique of shorting stocks combined with a prudent amount of leverage enables managers to reduce portfolio risk and to profit in various market conditions.

After investing in funds for over a decade, we do not believe that talent and intellect are evenly distributed throughout the hedge fund community and we have developed a unique ability to network though our relationships to discover top performing hedge funds.  Our strength as the manager of the Fund is to build our database of hedge funds by constantly getting referrals to managers that consistently demonstrate a superior acumen to the overall universe of hedge funds that invest in long/short equity.

Within Masters Research Partner’s portfolio, each independent hedge fund builds their portfolio from deep, thorough research in a sector of the market where they have deep expertise.  While performing due diligence on a prospective manager, we focus on a manager’s risk management strategy, depth of research, quality of analysts, position sizes, number of positions, strength of investors and performance analytics.